Slide It In Sunny

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Sean was getting some work done at the office when his big tits boss Dolce Vandela (a.k.a. Sunny) came in with a mountain of paper work she wanted done by the end of the day. Sean was pissed and got into his slacking mood once she left the room. He opened up some porn and started jerking off to rub one out. He had to hide his raging boner several times when the boss walked by. Finally she came in while on the phone talking to her man when she spotted what he was up too. She was upset at first but then landed her eyes on Sean’s rod, and she really liked what she saw. She said she had another job for him as she raised her skirt to show him her pussy. Sean was all about it as she started downing his dick then on to serious pounding!

Powerful Busty Women Using Men as their Toys!

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